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TMJ the basics by Julie Makarewicz TMJ Therapist®

The Jaw... it’s a pretty complicated bit of kit.

Composed of two joints that work in tandem over an articulating disc, it is supported by a myriad of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Which enable us to eat drink swallow and communicate using speech and fascial expressions.

So when it goes arwy the most common presentations are often -

🔍 Head and facial issues

🔍 Tongue, swallowing and ear problems

🔍 Visual disturbance inc dizziness

🔍 Musculoskeletal issues

🔍 As well as, sacral and knee problems

Yet whilst the TMJ can remain totally symptomless, the ramifications due to dysfunction of this often “hidden imposter” can have much wider implications-

👉 Compromised breathing/sleep issues

👉 Unresolving back and pelvic problems

👉 Digestive issues

👉 Hormone disruption

👉 Reduced performance during exercise and sports

So HOW can a jaw problem influence so much? .....

Primarily because it is a mobile component of a bigger system in our bodies, know as the “Stomatognathic System”... put in simplified terms means of the mouth and jaw

This system is now seen to encompass more than previously thought, such as the bony and complex soft tissue structures of the head, neck and upper most torso and sacrum. Including -

👄 Lymphatics

👄 Nerves

👄 Vascular Supply

... as well as influencing other structures via secondary connections!

BUT.... and here's the conundrum... the puzzle of TMD is to discover if it's being influenced by what is going on further down in the body...OR... if the structures connected to the jaw are influencing what is going on in the body...

So if you’re body issues are unresolving and you just can’t seem to get the bottoms of it. Perhaps it’s time to look a little higher up or look for the unknown factor.

For more information please do get in touch. Let’s see if we can detect what’s going on!

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