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Train as a TMJ Therapist® Today

Our fully accredited Level 3 Diiploma In TMJ Therapy® is a level 3 Massage Qualification like no other. Suitable for dental professionals especially or to ANYONE who wants to work in this field.
This full body treatment protocol means you will be qualified in not only TMJ work but a range of massage and myofascial bodywork  for the whole body.
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Already qualified in bodywork? Professionally trained massage therapists and bodyworkers with minimum level 3 may enrol for the post graduate Diploma in TMJ Therapy HERE


TMJ Therapy® Foundational Module Level One 

Techniques and learning outcomes:

  • Theory:

  • Signs and symptoms

  • Causes

  • Anatomy and physiology of the TMJ

  • Understanding fascia

  • Principles of trigger point therapy

  • Trigger point referral patterns

  • Introduction to Pterygoids and disc displacement

  • Standardised intake form assessment and record keeping

  • Dental terminology

  • Treatment planning

  • Client care

  • Health and safety/cross infection control/contra-indications to treatment Body mechanics

  • Practical:

  • Body mechanics

  • Clinical and palpation assessment for masseter, temporalis, medial and lateral pterygoid

  • Full treatment protocol to include:

  • Direct Fascial release techniques

  • Indirect Fascial release techniques

  • Trigger point work

  • Passive/PNF/fascial stretches.

  • Assessing the cranial rhythm


TMJ Therapy® Professional Diploma Module Two

Techniques and learning outcomes.


  • Advanced clinical assessment techniques moving postural assessment and client rehab

  • Cranial nerves

  • Cranial and facial anatomy

  • Theory of cranio-sacral therapy, assessing the CSR.

  • Jaw and bite relationships and classification

  • Introduction to Biotensegrity and the TMJ

  • H&S cross infection control, contra-indications to treatment Vertebral artery insufficiency test

  • Practical

  • Evaluation of fascial mobility

  • Advanced Myofascial techniques soft tissues of the face and jaw including:

  • masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid, anterior and posterior digastric, hyoids, floor of mouth work

  • Evaluate and balance cranial and facial bones including sphenoid, maxilla, mandible, zygomatic, temporal, hyoid

  • Intra oral scarwork unwinding teeth and the periodontal ligament

  • Unwinding the fascial diaphragms

  • Standing assessment for hip height/leg length

  • discrepancy and SI joint issues.


TMJ Therapy® Professional Diploma Module Three

Techniques and learning outcomes.


  • The deep front line

  • Biotensegrity /hyoid/Pelvis connection

  • Techniques for rebalancing the Pelvis

  • Passive/PNF/Fascial stretches

  • Structural bodywork for the feet

  • Structural Integration for the Cranium

  • Review and refine knowledge and techniques, consolidate information and learning.

  • Treating TMJ clients in a clinical setting.

  • Practical assessment:

  • Full consultation in a clinical setting to assess use of intake form, medical history and moving postural/palpation assessment and recording of findings.

  • Full treatment using appropriate techniques for the client lasting 1 hour Post treatment assessment, aftercare and review.

  • Total 2 hours including oral assessment.

  • Written paper

  • 2 hours written assessment to include:

  • Multiple choice questions, short answer questions to assess knowledge and understanding across all areas of learning

  • Extended answer questions.







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